Welcome To RNB Properties

RNB Properties Limited (“the Company”) is one of the industry leaders in real estate management, development and consulting in Lesotho. Established in 2010, the Company has significant investments in undeveloped residential and commercial land in Lesotho. RNB Properties Limited has four integrated real estate core businesses namely property management and sales, property development and maintenance & renovations as well as property consulting. The Company’s flat corporate structure and business model supports synergies across its businesses and contributes to the overall success of the Company.

What Do We Offer

We offer a variety of services, below is the summary

Renovations And Repairs

We offer a full range of skills and knowledge to ensure our house refurbs are completed to a high standard and on time.

Property Consultancy Services

We advice clients about real estate decisions; we are always aware of the area we live in hence we can give the best advices always

Property Development

We offer a full range of skills and knowledge to ensure our house refurbs are completed to a high standard and on time.

Property Sales

want to buy a new home? we are a number one place to start your next property search

Interior Designing

We are here to help you achieve your dream home with expert Interior Design services.

Residential Property Management

Are you looking for the perfect property to rent in Lesotho? You have come to the right place.

We are the best
Building Consultant

We facilitate the progress of construction by considering potential problems that could arise during planning, development and post-construction and putting strategies in place to prevent them.

We provide expert advice on logistics and ensure projects adhere to any relevant codes of compliance.

Our Construction Works

Below is the collection of images from our recent renovation work at KFC – Bus Stop

Our Recent Works

Here are some of our recent listings. Please feel free to use them as inspiration..

We Have a tons Of Experience …and we are not afraid to use it. Take a look at our recent projects. The 2021 KFC – Bus Stop Maseru is the most recent renovation work we did, the project itself is a success.



Our Recent Properties

Here are some of our recent listings projects.

OUR growth strategy is premised on acquisitions and developments, supported by our focus to retain clients and enhance their experience in our buildings and in those premises, we manage.

Our Vision:

is to be the leading properties company in Lesotho by income return and be recognized for consistency in formulating and executing prime residential, commercial developments and acquiring prime assets to ensure we maintain a well-diversified property portfolio, with regular distribution of earnings to owners of the company.