Charlie Mining

About Charlie Mining

Charlie Mining is a  company that specialises in all aspects of mining with high standards and wealth of experienced personnel in mining engineering. 

Our objectives include but not limited to study, design and review work as well as enhance our expertise in the mining industry to acclimatise to the ever evolving mining technologies.
Through sustainable work plans and strategic methodology, we operate under a strong set of values that extol innovation, integrity, teamwork and excellence. 
Our aim is to achieve sustainable solutions that benefit our clients, the environment, our societies, and each other. 
Our expertise focuses on all aspects of mining engineering for surface mines – from study, design, and review work to project management, infrastructure engineering and environmental consulting. 
Charlie Mining aims at attaining the strongest foundations in mine engineering, environmental engineering and mineral processing and undertaking of reviews, audits, valuation assignments, and production of capital cost databases for mining companies. 
Our engineers are professionals
in their individual disciplines, and have the added benefit of extensive operational experience. 
This enables our teams to adapt
to our clients’ varied requirements, while utilising our experience from the broader industry showcasing our ability to take on multidisciplinary project assignments, which add value and benefit our clients and partners. 
All documents are reviewed internally, and our engineers are rewarded on output only, ensuring our clients achieve maximum quality.